Tips on How to Install a Pedestal Sink 

If you are looking for bathroom update that is stylish and space efficient, you do not to look further because a pedestal sink will surely provide you with what you are finding. Pedestal sinks are simple to install aside from having a classic design. 

Pedestal Sink

If you are planning to install a pedestal sink in your home, you must ensure that you install it properly. However, if you have no experience in this kind of work, it is better to ask assistance from professionals such as plumber in Pickering. They offer quality plumbing services and makes sure that their clients are satisfied with their work. 

However, if you are confident enough and have the right tools to perform the task, then here are some tips on how to install a pedestal sink that will surely help you. 

    Before You Begin 

Mounting instruction is often provided by many pedestal sink manufacturers. Before you begin, it is advisable that you read these directions. To your bathroom walls, incorrect installation can result in leaks as well as major damage. 


To vent any pressure or water left in the lines, shut off your old sink’s water supply and turn the faucet. Below your sink’s pipe, place a bucket and loosen the nuts. To drain, allow excess water and remove the pipe. From the valves, unscrew the water supply in your sink and set them aside. 

    Remove the Vanity 

Along the backslash, cut the sealant. If it is separate from your vanity, remove the backslash and set it aside. To the base, remove the sealant holding the top of the vanity. Before lifting the top of the vanity, double check to make sure that all the drains and supply lines are free. 

The bottom of the vanity must be all that should be left. To the wall, loosen the screws holding the base and pull it away. From your working area, set the vanity away for a while. 

Your plumbing attachments must be seen. To minimize their outline, it is advisable that you replace old hardware or move the attachment. To help you move plumbing lines, it is a good idea to hire a professional. 

    Install Support 

Behind your finished wall, heavier pedestal signs may require extra support. The next thing to do is center your sink. On the floor, find the underline of your sink. Mark properly in the baseboard and put the sink. To ensure that your sink is flush, use a level. 

    Secure the Anchors 

On the wall and the floor, mark the sink’s anchor and pedestal holes and drill each hole. In the holes of the walls, install hanger bolts. From the wall, ensure that the hanger bolts extend 1 inch. To secure the pedestal to the floor, use a lag bolt washer.  

    Assemble the Sink 

To the sink, attach your faucet and set the sink bowl over the hanger bolts. To secure the bowl to the wall, tighten the cap nuts as well as the washers. Turn on the water supply as soon as you reattach your plumbing lines.